[News] Which Package Type Out Stands along with the Rapidly-growing Prefabricated Food Market?

Packages competes fiercely in the Rapidly-growing Prefabricated Food Market.


[News] Low-carbon Package to Floor Cleaning Robots

floor cleaning robots has gradually stepped into thousands of homes and becoming one of the most helpful tooling in the house cleaning. 


[News] Lenovo's Innovative Package with Pulp Molding Processing

innovative package is presented by Package Team from Lenovo PC. It is one of the package representatives with “LOW CARBON” concept.


[News] Hilton's Moon-cakes with Molded Fiber Gift Box on Sale

Implementing Hilton's Environmental, Social and Stewardship (ESG) Strategy.


[News] Multi-million-dollar investment will result in a molded fiber products plant in Europe

one of the largest specialist molded fiber production facilities created in Europe


[News] Latin America declares a war on plastic

Across the continent, a growing number of projects are encouraging a better understanding of marine environments, and helping to develop a form of “citizenship of the ocean”.

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