[News] China State Post Bureau to Ban Non-degradable Plastic Packaging Bags by End of 2025

Non-degradable Plastic Packaging Bags to be banned by End of 2025


[News] Macau to Further Ban Non-degradable Disposable Plastic Dinning Accessaries

Macau to further ban the import of non-degradable disposable plastic knives, forks and spoons


[News] Guangxi Laibin: Sugarcane "Eaten Up and Squeezed Out”, to create a Sugar Circular Economic Industrial Chain

an annual output value of more than 3 billion yuan for environmentally friendly molded fiber tableware, making Laibin one of the largest bases for eco-friendly molded fiber tableware.


[News] Showcasing Molded Fiber Mooncake Package Gathered from the Industry

Moon-cake Packages with Molded Fiber Machinery, Mold and Finished Product Solutions


[News] Under the Background of Environmental Protection, the Application Demand of Bagasse Pulp is Rising

bagasse pulp plays an important role in the improvement of domestic papermaking structure, and the industry has a good development prospect. 

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