Minjie | IDO Project with Molded Fiber Tableware Machine Dispatched

Release time:

Sep 02,2022

Molded Fiber Tableware Machine Dispatch

With months of assembly and commissioning, Minjie’s molders: MJDTN120-1210 were verified as qualified. At the first date of Sep., all the qualified molders (belonging to Minjie’s IDO Project), together with molds and accessories, were loaded successfully and started its travel to South Asia.

Owner of IDO project has started his involvement in molded fiber tableware industry since years back and with trust and ambition in this industry, has activated his expansion in the project by cooperation with Minjie after rounds of contrast analysis in between dozens of molded fiber tableware machinery suppliers. Finally, with the comprehensive competitiveness in molded fiber molder, mold and tableware finished products, Minjie won the bid finally.

Here I am sure that Minjie, is also worth the choice of you, honored coming partners. Leave the chance to Minjie and you will be fruitfully rewarded.

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