[News] Under the Background of Environmental Protection, the Application Demand of Bagasse Pulp is Rising

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Aug 12,2022

bagasse pulp plays an important role in the improvement of domestic papermaking structure, and the industry has a good development prospect. 

Bagasse pulp refers to pulp made from sugarcane bagasse. Since it is a by-product of the sugar industry, it has the advantage of low cost and can be used to produce tissue paper. In recent years, affected by factors such as paper upgrades and rising raw material costs, the proportion of non-wood pulp applications in China has been declining, but domestic wood pulp production capacity is low, and market demand depends on imports. As an important part of non-wood pulp, bagasse pulp plays an important role in the improvement of domestic papermaking structure, and the industry has a good development prospect. 

"2021-2025 Global Bagasse Pulp Industry In-depth Market Research and Key Regional Research Report" released by the Xinsijie Industry Research Center, describes that Guangxi is the largest sugarcane production area in China, and sugarcane production accounts for about 62% of the country's total. In order to adhere to clean production, accelerate the elimination of outdated production capacity, and take the development path of green papermaking, the Guangxi government supports the development of the bagasse pulp industry. The output of bagasse pulp in Guangxi is relatively stable, and the current annual output is about 720,000 tons. At present, papermaking with bagasse pulp as raw material has become an important part of the Guangxi sugar industry chain. In the current papermaking structure in Guangxi, bagasse pulp accounts for only 16%, and there is still room for improvement in the future. 

Due to the relatively stable output of sugarcane and the relatively mature development of our country's sugar industry, the output of bagasse pulp has been relatively stable in recent years, basically remaining at about 930,000 tons. Although domestic sugar cane sugar production is still growing slowly, due to the relatively good development of the biomass power generation industry in recent years, many sugar companies are deployed in this field, and sugar residue is no longer sold. Bagasse seldom exists in the circulation market, resulting in the lack of raw materials for papermaking enterprises and hindering the development of the bagasse pulp industry. In addition, although the current sugar industry market concentration is relatively high, the bagasse output of the leading enterprises cannot meet the entry standards of the pulp and paper industry, so the domestic sugar-paper integration project cannot be achieved, which makes the cost of bagasse pulp and papermaking higher. 

As a kind of small pulp, bagasse pulp is relatively small in scale, and due to the factors of biomass power generation and production cost, the industry of bagasse pulp is relatively low. With the full implementation of the plastic restriction order, packaging paper, paper towels, tableware, etc. produced from natural fibers are favored by consumers, so the development prospect of the bagasse pulp industry is good. 

In terms of market competition, the current bagasse pulp production enterprises mainly include Guangdong Shaoneng Group Luzhou Technology Development Co., Ltd., Guangxi Nanning Sugar Industry Co., Ltd., etc., but affected by the COVID-19 in 2020, the bagasse pulp industry The prosperity is poor, and some enterprises such as Nanning Sugar Industry Co., Ltd., have stopped producing bagasse pulp.

 Industry analysts said that bagasse pulp is a niche pulp. As a supplement to the structure of the modern paper industry, it can meet the diversification of papermaking and ease the tight demand for wood pulp. The demand has grown steadily in recent years. However, due to the high prosperity of the biomass power generation industry, our country's sugar companies have deployed one after another, and the circulation of bagasse pulp in the market has decreased. In 2020, the development of sugarcane planting, sugar processing, papermaking and other industries will be affected by the COVID-19, and the bagasse pulp industry will be affected. The current prosperity is poor, but under the general trend of environmental protection, the industry has a good development prospect.

Reports by The Paper, Translated and Edited by Minjie

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