Minjie | A Discussion about the Development of Biodegradable Molded Fiber Tableware

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Aug 03,2022

Some Plain Thought on Molded Fiber Industry Development Trend

Hundreds of years ago, human beings were submissive to the nature. And now, they are tampering with it to meet their needs and development. While in the misuse of nature, people are also destroying their environment which is the only place for them to live in. The environment deterioration has become a threat to human beings. As of here, the biodegradable molded fiber tableware has been the prime choice due to using disposable materials.

At present, studies on disposable molded fiber tableware are organized and planned on a large scale. Proved by the test results from relevant department, under certain environmental conditions, the material of disposable molded fiber food packaging can have morphological changes, fragmentation, decreases in molecular weight and some parts can be absorbed by bacteria. This all thanks to that the disposable molded fiber tableware nowadays is taking the natural plants as raw materials, such as sugarcane bagasse pulp, bamboo pulp or wheat straw pulp.

The future development of biodegradable molded fiber tableware is promising. With the fiber processing technology becoming more and more mature, there is great potential for large numbers of agricultural residues and natural non-wood fibers to become the raw material for molded fiber food packaging, which will in turn make it inevitable to make molded fiber ones as one of the most feasible replacements for undegradable packaging. As well, the productions and researches of biodegradable molded fiber tableware are not only for the long-term environmental protection, but also for the sustainable development of society.

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