Minjie | Minjie Officially with Membership of IMFA

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Sep 08,2022

Minjie to join IMFA family

Here comes an event that Minjie has officially owned the membership of International Molded Fiber Association (IMFA).


IMFA is an association (with its official website: www.imfa.org ), not for profit, representing and resourcing the interests of manufacturers of molded fiber products, industry suppliers and service providers.

Minjie, with its ambition: to make sky bluer, shall work closely with IMFA to contribute to the molded fiber industry. Leave the chance to Minjie, and you are worth the attentive service with suitable and feasible molded fiber solutions to machinery, mold and product.

For more information about IMFA, you can also surf Minjie Eco-Machinery Technology Co., Ltd | IMFA

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