[News] Hong Kong to Ban Single-use Plastic Food Packaging no Later than the 4th Quarter, 2023

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Oct 24,2022

Single-use Plastic Food Packaging to be Strictly Banned in Hong Kong

According to a report from Hong Kong Takung Wenhui.com, the Hong Kong SAR Government plans to ban restaurants from providing single-use  plastic food packaging in advance, implemented no later than the fourth quarter, 2023, which means, compared with the originally proposed year of 2025, it will be brought forward by around one and a half year.

The measures will be implemented in two phases, that is,

1st phase: restaurants will be prohibited from providing foam plastic tableware, plastic stirring rods, plastic drinking straws, plastic forks, plastic knives, plastic spoons and plates, etc.

Due to the limited supply of plastic cup substitutes in the market, the SAR government will first prohibit restaurants from providing plastic cups to dine-in customers in the first stage

2nd phase: to ban them from providing dine-in and takeaway customers from 2025.

*Violators are liable to a fixed fine of HK$2,000.

Prepackaged food or beverages, such as plastic drinking straws that come with paper-packed drink boxes, are not covered by the measure. Disposable plastic straws for medical needs are exempt, as are those for medical or security needs, such as in hospital wards and correctional facilities.

In addition, the SAR government will also decide on the timetable for banning the sale of plastic tablecloths, non-medical transparent gloves, plastic earplugs and other products depending on the implementation of the first phase.

Edited and Translated by Minjie

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